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Jun 29, 2015 · The .service file just runs the the zfs-auto-snapshot script, labels it as hourly and keeps 24 snapshots. The // refers to all storage nodes. To enable automated snapshots we will first have to set an auto-snapshot parameter as stated in the installation output:

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May 28, 2010 · ZFS Snapshots Solaris' ZFS snapshots are a great tool that allows us to instantly create a block level snapshot of a ZFS file system. ZFS uses copy-on-write semantics: newly written data is stored on new blocks while blocks containing the older data are retained (when referenced by, for example, a snapshot.)

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Oct 17, 2018 · i can't say why your cron jobs aren't working; you may want to start by seeing if cron is even running the job in /var/log/cron. however, if all you want is ZFS rolling snapshots, zfs-auto-snapshot is the package I would recommend.

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I have used ZFS heavily in the past, and using BtrFS is significantly different as many of the fundamental concepts are Comparison. ZFS. BtrFS. EXT4 and LVM. Commands Involved. zpool, zfs.

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Feb 07, 2019 · 2 Snapshots and subvolumes. 2.1 I want to be able to do rollbacks with Btrfs; 2.2 How can I use btrfs for backups/time-machine? 2.3 How do I mount the real root of the filesystem once I've made another subvolume the default? 2.4 Can a snapshot be replaced atomically with another snapshot? 2.5 Are there a similar commands in BTRFS like ZFS send ...

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To destroy the snapshot, we can use zfs destroy command as usual. # zfs destroy datapool/[email protected] # zfs list -t snapshot no datasets available Rolling back a snapshot. For the simulation, we need to create a test file in the /docs directory. # echo "version 1" > /docs/data.txt # cat /docs/data.txt version 1 # zfs snapshot datapool/[email protected]

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