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Typically I'll record 13 tracks, sub kick, Kick, Snare Top, Snare Bottom, Hat, ride, Tom1, Tom2, Tom3, Overhead Left, Overhead Right, Left and Right Room. Of course different miking for different situations can also include, external kick, side snare, bottom tom mikes..... the possibilities are endless.

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The PGADRUMKIT7 Drum Microphone Kit is a complete package of professional quality microphones designed to provide excellent sound for full drum kit performance and recording.

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MONITORING | Pelonis, Yamaha NS10. INTERFACE | 32-Channel Apogee Symphony. SUMMING | Music 2-Bus LT x1 PRE-AMPS & DI. True Sysytems – Precision 8. Universal Audio – 710 Twin-Finity. Vintech – X73 x2. A Designs – Audio REDDI Tube DI SOFTWARE. Avid – Pro Tools 11 HDX Omni. Apple – Logic Pro. Antares – Auto-Tune 7. Celemony ...

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The design of the SubKick and the flexibility of the stand allows you to use it for a variety of applications in live or studio situations. Try the SubKick in conjunction with an internal microphone on bass drums and floor toms, djembe, bass guitar cabinets, pianos and more - your imagination is the only limitation! Yamaha SKRM-100 SubKick ...

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About Us. San Diego's Rarefied Recording was designed by one of today’s most well respected recording studio designers, Wes Lachot. A musician, engineer, and producer himself, Wes brought nearly 30 years of studio design experience to the table when he put pencil to paper for Rarefied.

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Morris Studio - Zagreb, Zagreb. Sviđa mi se: 1762. Morris Studio is a music production company based in the central part of Zagreb, Croatia, formed by Miro Vidovic. Our studio has been open since 1997. Apr 18, 2015 · Using a speaker as a microphone isn’t a new idea and these large diaphragm bass drum mics have taken commercial form as the DW Moon Mic and the now-discontinued Yamaha SubKick. The project is ...

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