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See web expressions of individual people, groups, and the press from around the world, in the aftermath of the attacks in the U.S. on September 11, 2001.

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Primary Memory also called as volatile memory because the memory can't store the data permanently. Primary memory select any part of memory when user want to save the data in memory but that may not be store permanently on that location.

Basic rights of the people that may not be taken away.

The president and his aides have long been frustrated by a political and media environment that they view as too focused on trivial, short-term matters. New York Times (Dec 19, 2015) unrealized

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The remarkable memory-boosting benefits of undisturbed rest were first documented in 1900 by the German psychologist Georg Elias Muller and his student Alfons Pilzecker. In one of their many experiments on memory consolidation, Muller and Pilzecker first asked their participants to learn a list...short-term memory - combining recognised elements in the information flow; long-term memory - storage of some of the received information for later recall. Recall of a memory is the retrieval of information from various parts of the brain, combining it into a coherent single memory and bringing it into our conscious awareness.

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In the memory-making process, attention is considered a stage between sensory register and short-term memory. Short-term memory formation can begin through giving your attention to the information received through sensory register. Short-Term Memory. According to Becker, short-term memory occurs in two parts: traditionally termed “short-term ...

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The hippocampus also supports a working memory, which enables the post-perceptual processing of information by the prefrontal regions. The organ records memories of significant experiences of the mind in the sensory and recognition regions of the cortex, while providing strong space/time book marks for the recall of such memories. All cortical and thalamic levels of sensory processing are subject to powerful top-down influences, the shaping of lower-level processes by more complex information. New findings on the diversity of top-down interactions show that cortical areas function as adaptive processors, being subject to attention, expectation, and perceptual task. Brain states are determined by the interactions between ...

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