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The forces on the block 2 are the gravitational force . m. 2. g . and string . B. holding the block, ! T,2 , with magnitude . T. B . The free-body diagram for the forces acting on block 2 is shown in Figure 8.41(b). Newton’s second Law applied to block 2 is ˆj: m. g − T. B = m. 2 . a. y,2 . (8.6.53) ! The forces on the block 3 are the ...

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shown. When the spring is relaxed, the block is located at . If the block is pulled to the right a distance and then released, will be the amplitude of the resulting oscillations. Assume that the mechanical energy of the block-spring system remains unchanged in the subsequent motion of the block. Part A After the block is released from , it will

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Determine the acceleration of the system of blocks shown in the figure. The coefficient of kinetic friction between the block 2 and the inclined plane is 0.2. Also determine the tension in the string. assume the pulley to be mass-less and frictionless. Take mi 6 kg and m2 = 8 kg. m 30°

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) the acceleration of the system, and (b) the force that each crate exerts on the other. (c) Repeat with the crates reversed. 18. (II) The crate shown in –33 lies on a plane tilted at an anFig. 5 gle . u8=25 0. to the horizontal, with m. k =0 19.. (a) Determine the acceleration of the crate as it slides down the plane. (b

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Block 1 has a mass of 8 kg and block 2 has a mass of 12 kg. The coefficient of static friction between block 1 and block 2 is μs=0.4. The coefficient of kinetic friction between block 2 and the ground is μk=0.2. A person pulls horizontally on block 2 with a rope as shown in the figure.

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reached by the com of the two-particle system? In unit-vector notation, what are the (b) velocity and (c) acceleration of the com when the com reaches H max? Figure 9-43 Problem 14. ••15 Figure 9-44 shows an arrangement with an air track, in which a cart is connected by a cord to a hanging block. The cart has mass m 1 the smooth surfaces shown in the figure below. Member AB, in the shape of a quarter-circle arc, connects blocks A and B, with AB having a mass that is negligible compared to the masses of A and B. At the position shown, when the center O of the circular arc AB is directly below block B the system is released from rest.

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