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Answer: Waiting weeks have outlived their intended purposes. Waiting weeks were originally adopted primarily because states required a delay at the start of a new claim during which agencies processed UI claims manually to determine the wages needed to calculate a benefit rate. There is no continued vitality to this rationale. All states, have

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Jun 23, 2010 · Does this mean I was approved for unemployment in PA? "Your initial claim has been processed. please file your biweekly claims as instructed." I seen a couple questions exactly like this with NO real answer.

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In most cases where there is an issue, the first payment can usually be processed within 15 business days (if you are determined eligible for benefits). For the remainder, it can take longer. All of this depends on whether you are determined eligible for benefits and file your weekly claims for each week you remain unemployed.

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A member of your household has been diagnosed with COVID-19. ... the EDD will determine if your claim is processed as a regular UI claim or a PUA claim. ... your Unemployment Insurance claim ...Apr 14, 2020 · The state pays benefits in two ways: Either via a debit card from U.S. Bank or via direct deposit set up once the person logs into the claimant system with their PIN. It can take between two and...

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If you have a question about your claim for regular UI benefits, call the Claims Center at 406-444-2545 or email [email protected] Include your name, individual Claimant ID, telephone number, and a brief description of your issue. A customer service representative will contact you if further information is required. Last updated 05/14/20

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Jun 19, 2019 · I had to file a claim because my hours got cut it says I’ve been credited but no check has been issued what does this mean how long does this take I filed my claim almost a month ago. Reply Sam says: questions about your claim. What Can MyUI Claimant do for me? In an era where everything from newspaper subscriptions to banking information are available to a user online, MyUI Claimant is an online vehicle allowing access to your claim information. You have 24x7 self-service web-based access to: Check current claim status and information

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