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B Open the cold water inlet supply to the heater fully. B Open a hot water faucet to permit the water to fill the heater and the piping and to eliminate the air trapped

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Sometimes the plumbing fixture may not be properly vented if a sewer gas smell is particularly at one or more plumbing drains. If the drain or fixture makes a gurgling noise, the fixture may not be well vented or even vented at all. Plumbing vent piping defects may cause drain noises or may even release dangerous sewer gas odors indoors.

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Aug 02, 2017 · Don’t ignore it. Try to find the source of the burning smell to avoid costly repairs. 4 Reasons Your Furnace Smells Like It’s Burning. Here are four reasons why your heater smells like burning, and advice on how to handle it: 1. Furnace Smells Like Burning Plastic Smell or Burning Rubber

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There are three common reasons why you could smell sewage in or around your toilet or bathroom: The first is a dry trap. This happens when a toilet isn’t used for a long time. The water in the pipe dries up, allowing the sewer gas to back up into the toilet. The gas rises through the water in your bowl and out into the room.

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In most cases the odor is caused by a reaction between the hot water heater’s anode rod and water that has a high concentration of sulfates. The magnesium anode rod installed in the tank protects the tank surface but generates enough hydrogen to create an odor when it interacts with sulfur in the water or bacteria in the tank.

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alrighty, I've got a water heater that needs some attention. It was replaced in april of 2009, and now all of a sudden they're complaining that their hot water smells like rotten eggs. I turned the temp up to 160, let it sit for 6 hrs, and flushed it. That abated the problem for about 2... Oct 10, 2017 · In the backdrafting world, gas water heaters are often suspect #1, warns Gromicko. “Consumers have to be worried about fuel-fired water heaters. They shall not be installed in a room used as a storage closet. Water heaters located in a bedroom or bathroom shall be installed in a sealed enclosure so that combustion air will not be taken from ...

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