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3D Parking Simulator is a prototype driving simulator. Oculus Rift is optionally supported. It may be difficult to pass levels 3-5 without Oculus Rift. Supported devices (optional) Game controller (Xbox controller is recommended) Oculus Rift CV1/DK2

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This provides a sandbox simulator for training a self-driving car. This uses Unity for simulation and Python with Keras and Tensorflow for training. Recently updated to work on Python 3.4+ and Kera... 17 days ago

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Surgeon Simulator: Stay calm, and perform life-or-death heart surgery! - Surgeon Simulator is one of our selected Unity Games. Play for Free!

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Unity Game Simulation Tutorial. This guide walks through how to setup a sample project to be used to run simulations in Unity Game Simulation. After reading this tutorial, you should be able to implement and run simulations on any Unity project.

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Whenever I download Yandere simulator, it either tries to open it with Windows Media Center or Unity Player. I am pretty sure I remember making files that are similar open the same programme by acc...

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