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a little, but nothing compared to the case noise, thats why im at a loss im a a-grade mechanic and it just agrivates me. Bmw said it was a normal noise My theory is that all the excess drivetrain slack comes to a head in th transfercase causing the bang when the clutch is let out even a tad bit fast...

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Diagnosing Whining Noise When Accelerating. The car's age has a significant bearing on what type of noise you may be hearing. If you're unsure of why your car is making a whining noise when accelerating, you should take it to a professional and try and describe the exact conditions as to how...

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Coil whine, as Linus from Techquickie's YouTube channel explains, is a phenomenon found in a lot of technology today, but especially in video cards. Your best bet is to prevent it in the first place by reading reviews and researching which products tend to have the most coil whine.

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I've been noticing a whining noise from what sounds like the turbo. This usually happens between 3k-4k RPM when I'm just starting to give it a bit more gas. As I press the accelarator harder the noise changes pitch, and if I give it enough gas the noise goes away, but as soon as I let of the gas again the noise comes back again. I heard a whining noise while driving so I stoped to check it out. I was able to pin point the source coming from under the vehicle around the transfer case (I Did it make the same sound while in drive, but held still with the brakes? It sounds like some crazy transmission fluid pump whine possibly.

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Oct 16, 2019 · Tl- the contact owns a 2006 Jeep grand cherokee. The contact stated while making turns ,the tracking warning light was illuminated and there was a grinding noise present. The contact stated the the esp, bap,and transmission warning lights was also continuously illuminated. The failure recurred multiple times.

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Camry :: Rear Brake Makes A Whining Noise When Go On Reverse. My rear brake makes a whining noise when I go on reverse. I know is brake related because while on reverse, if I barely touch the brake pedal the noise goes away. But without touching the brake pedal whines and sometimes loud and is embarrassing. View 5 Replies Passat (B5) :: Power ... thumping noise is heard at highway speeds. Road tested and checked tire balance. Unable to duplicate concerns. 8429939 Transfer Case Customer states vehicle does switch between 2 and 4 wheel drive, followed SI diagnostics for transfer case and was unable to duplicate customer concern. 8439919 Manual Transmission-Clutch

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