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Dec 28, 2011 · I have a Trane XR80 gas furnace that started to act up recently. I narrowed down to the gas valve. It was getting 24V, but not opening. I lightly tapped it with a hammer, and it started working again. Are these valves similiar to gas dryer valves? I had a problem with my dryer one time, and just replaced the solenoids, and was fixed.

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Turn off power at the main electric panel. Turn off the emergency HVAC shutoff switch. Remove top and bottom cover panels on the air handler / furnace unit (fig.5.1). Take detail pictures of where everything is located, including wiring setup from the motor, capacitor and controller (fig.5.2).

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Fan is set to ON but not running. Share this conversation. Pricing not allowed. Cooling(Heating) efficiency is not good. Visit Trane … Exclusively Serving South Florida. How to Troubleshoot a Trane XE80 Furnace. Exclusively Serving South Florida. Problems With Trane XR80 Furnaces. The thermostat was set to auto with a set point of 62 degrees. Many people don't need an owner's manual to go ...

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Oct 20, 2020 · Hi. I've got a weird issue with my Trane XR80 furnace. I've had two different companies come out to try and diagnose the problem without success. One of them is very familiar with Trane products. So, here is the problem. I've noticed that sometimes my furnace will partially come on without the burner and blower motor coming on. Trane White Rodgers 50A65-475 CNT03076 Furnace Fan Control Board*REPAIRED* The fan relay had opened around the solder pad causing the blower to not run. I reestablished the connection and tested the board for proper operation. This is a 100% fully functional control board! This is an expensive board so save some money on this one! Free Shipping!

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Air Conditioning and Cooling Systems - trane blower not working blower or capacitor? - I have a trane (don't know model) upflow furnace. The fan stopped working and tripped the breaker.

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FYI: The most common problem that we see when a flames sensor is not working properly is: The furnace’s main gas burners ignite, the main gas burners stay on for only 8 to 10 seconds, then the burners shut right back off. We have a gas furnace flame sensor troubleshooting page. The blower fan in your air conditioning is a separate electrical system from the cooling unit. However, they work together as a team . As the air conditioning system cools down, the blower fan pulls the warm air from inside of your home, runs it through the air conditioning system, and then blows the now cool air back out into your home.

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