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A .300 PRC pushing a 200+ gr. partition @ 2900+ FPS or so > anything any 6.5 can do. You also have to contend with the limitations of the twist rate of most 6.5 bores. Anything more than about 147 grs. requires a 1:7.5 twist barrel.

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Tikka Rifles Considered by many as stalwarts of the rifle market, Tikka rifles ensure consistent performance married with fantastic ergonomics. Filter All products .17 .22 .22-250 .222 .223 .243 .270 .308 6.5 creed 6.5x55 Tikka Rifle used rifle

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Tikka T3 JRTXG341 T3x Laminated Bolt 300 Winchester Short Magnum (WSM) 24.3" 3+1 Laminate Gray Stk Stainless Steel See Price in Cart Tikka T3 JRTXRB340 T3x Lite 270 WSM 3+1 24.30" Black w/White Webbing Roughtech Stock Black Right Hand $1,000.00

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Should have no constraints out of the 300 WM mags. i am constrained in my Tikka 6.5 PRC as I chose to run AICS binderless detachable mags and am limited to 2.95. I had the gun throated accordingly and can shoot 153 Atip and 156 Berger's. When I do it again, I won't paint myself into the same corner.Ruger has introduced .300 PRC and 6.5 PRC chamberings for the Ruger Precision Rifle.. Built on the magnum caliber platform, the Ruger Precision Rifle in .300 PRC (Precision Rifle Cartridge ...

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The Tikka T3 action is one of the smoothest actions on the market and they are often very accurate rifles right out of the box. Our Tikka prefit barrels take your rifle to the next level. Our prefit barrels utilize a barrel nut for easy installation and swapping. This does change the tolerances for stock inlets, however, all current aftermarket chassis options have been compatible. You will ...

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Tikka (3) Timney Triggers (48) Tipton (62) Trimit (1) Turban Press’s (4) Ultrec Eng (5) V – Z. Vihtavuori Powder (29) ... HORNADY RIFLE BRASS (X50) – .300 PRC

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