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4. The sum of three consecutive even numbers is 120. What are the numbers?

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Receive any three numbers as input say 10, 20, and 30 inside the three variables say a, b, and c. Use if block and check whether value of a is less than b or not. Let's create another program that will also find and print the smallest of three numbers but this time using Ternary operator as shown in the...

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Two-step equations - word problems - integers 1) The sum of three consecutive even numbers is 66. What is the smallest of these numbers? 2) Beth sold half of her comic books and then bought nine more. She now has 28. With how many did she begin? 3) 304 students went on a field trip. Seven buses were filled and 17 students traveled in cars.

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The Sum Of Three Consecutive Numbers Is 72. What Are The Smallest Of These Numbers? Mathematics. Lets assume:1st number[smallest number]: X2nd number: X+13rd number[largest number]: X+2As their sum... Nine Times A Number, Decreased By 15, Is Equal To The Sum To The Sum Of 3 And Six Times The Number. Find The Number? Mathematics Mar 13, 2009 · What is the lowest number that is: (a) the sum of five consecutive numbers, and also (b) the sum of two consecutive odd numbers and also (c) the sum of three consecutive even numbers ? Question #103790.

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73 can be written as the sum of three distinct odd composite numbers in (7 minus 3) ways. 73 = 8^2 + 8^1 + 8^0. The 73rd triangular number is equal to 73 times the reversal of 73. 73 of the 216 possible rolls of three 6-sided dice total prime numbers.

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Mar 28, 2020 · Label the odd numbers with variables. Use the letter "x" to stand for any odd number. Then x + 2 would be the consecutive odd number. Set up the equation. Add the two variable together to equal their sum, which the variably "y" represents. x + x + 2 = y This equation can be simplified to 2x + 2 = y. Solve the equation for "x" smaller numbers. If the even number 2p is a sum of two squares, then half of it, p, will also be a sum of two squares. From this, therefore, all even numbers which are sums of two squares, by con-tinual halving, are nally returned to odd numbers of the same nature.

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