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Analysis of The Crucible (205 words, 1 pages) Self-preservation drives the actions of the girls in the first act ofThe Crucible. Abigail blaming Tituba is an example of self-preservation.Abigail says that the whole dancing in the woods was Titubas' idea.Which in reality it was actually Abigail.

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This worksheet accompanies slide 2 of The Crucible - Act Two.ppt Plot summary exercise Fill in the gaps in the summary below using the words listed. Act Two takes place in John Proctor's house, _____ days later. John has been planting on his farm. He talks with his wife, _____. There is tension between them.

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This hideous rashness: answer my life my judgment, Thy youngest daughter does not love thee least; Nor are those empty-hearted whose low sound Reverbs no hollowness. KING LEAR Kent, on thy life, no more. KENT My life I never held but as a pawn To wage against thy enemies; nor fear to lose it, Thy safety being the motive. KING LEAR Out of my ...

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UWM’s Impact As a top-tier research university, we support groundbreaking work that helps real people and real communities. We provide scholarships so that students have fewer roadblocks to success, and we offer entrepreneurship programs to help students in all disciplines develop the creativity and know-how to advance their careers. The Crucible Act 1 - Study Guide questions 🎓questionWhy has Reverend Parris sent for a doctor as the play begins? answerBetty is sick (or is she?) questionWhat advice does the doctor send back?

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The Crucible . Lesson plans, ideas, and resources . Always find these and updated links on . The English Teacher’s Friend Delicious site. Essay by Arthur Miller where he describes the paranoia that swept across America during the McCarthy era.

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In this play the crucible symbolizes the heat of hysteria that takes over Salem during the witch trials. Salem and the court become a crucible for characters such as John and Elizabeth Proctor, Giles Corey, Francis Nurse, and Reverend Hale, who are tested by the situation. In fact a secondary definition of the word crucible is "a test or trial ...

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