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ActiveXperts Environmental Monitor 2021. Windows Software to monitor Temperature, Humidity, Power, Flood, Smoke/Fire, Room Entry, Motion, Vibration, CO, CO2 and more. AVTech Hardware Device bundles available trhough our web store.

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Aug 26, 2001 · Been using the ShellExecute cmd to start a variety of programs(VC++ exes, web pages, opening HTML files in browser, opening PDF and Word documents, etc). I'm attempting to pass parameters via this cmd to a VC++ exe.

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I understand how to use ShellExecute in VBA (for my Outlook macros) but I'm looking to be able to use ShellExecuteEx to wait for the executed program in my script. Does anyone have an example of h...

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Dec 22, 2018 · Hi I'm needing some help in getting a Shell process (ShellExecute another external program) to wait until this external program gets completed, then only the main program can go on to the next stage. I have searched the forum and found something close to this requirement but still can't get the process complete before going

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runs explorer. You can also pass any command parameters you need. For example: Shell "notepad C:\test.txt", vbNormalFocus. runs notepad, and tells it to open C:\test.txt. Note that if the path you pass contains spaces, you need to surround it by quotes: Shell "notepad ""C:\dir with spaces\test.txt""", vbNormalFocus

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