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Welcome to Ministry Explorer! We believe that every member is a minister 1 Corinthians 12:5. We are glad you are here to explore the ways that God wants to use you to promote His Kingdom. Check out the many opportunities to serve our church and our community.

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Discovering My Life Mission CLASS 401 Rick Warren Saddleback Church. Class 401 - Reaching The Community!. Class 401 Committed To Mission. I WAS CREATED TO FULFILL GOD’S PURPOSE. "The Lord has made everything for his own purpose...". Pr. 16:4 (LB). Slideshow 6186850 by...

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Dec 30, 2008 · Nearly two and a half years to the day, I wrote an early article detailing Rick Warren's connections with Paul Yonggi Cho nee David Yonggi Cho--a figure who is practically at Ground Zero regarding the continued perpetuation and promotion of what has been termed "Latter Rain", evolved into "Joel's Army", and is known now as the "New Apostolic Reformation".

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Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, California has partnered with the country of Rwanda to end the orphan crisis. As of today, 35 orphanages in the country of… [To be better informed: the population problem in Rwanda and the scope of its solution]. PubMed. Gakwaya, D. 1993-12-01

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Jul 30, 2009 · Latma TV (2) Saudi Peace Plan (2) Save Mosab Yousef (2) School Massacre (2) Scotland (2) Scott Brown (2) Seal Team 6 (2) Secure Our Border (2) Senior Citizens (2) Seperation of Church and State (2) Settlers (2) Shaul Mofaz (2) Sheila Jackson-Lee (2) Shoah (2) Silence (2) Sinai (2) Solyndra (2) Sorry (2) South Africa (2) Speeches (2) Stand With ... Part Five, Building Up the Church, presents the Saddleback maturing sequence that intentionally moves people from crowd (unchurched seekers), to attenders (congregation), to mature members (committed), and then to ministers (core). This section includes a thorough description of the popular diamond model of assimilating and involving members ...

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