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Barriss Offee, apprenticed to Luminara Unduli, was a much more proper and obedient example of a Jedi student. The two Padawans worked side-by-side during the battle to retake Geonosis. They snuck into the depths of a Geonosian factory and detonated explosives that collapsed the droid mill, trapping themselves under tons of debris.

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Set in the dark times between before the rise of the Rebellion, a master and his apprentice are undercover with an illicit group of smugglers. When one turns on the other, an epic saber fight ensues with both physical and moral stakes. This thrilling battle features Saberforge Grand Master and Bastion custom sabers. Saberforge, Oregon City, Oregon. 254,348 likes · 1,967 talking about this. We make the world's brightest and most durable LED Sabers. We are steadfast in our dedication to perfecting the art of the...

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