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Replace this system by an equivalent resultant force and couple moment acting at point B. Solution: The main beam along the wing of an airplane is swept back at a angle of 26deg. From load calculations it is determined that the beam is subjected to couple moment Mx=17 kip*ft and My=25 kip*ft. Determine the resultant couple moments created about ...

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"Force Majeure" means the occurrence of an event or circumstance ("Force Majeure Event") that prevents or impedes a party from performing one or The other party may suspend the performance of its obligations upon the receipt of the notice to the extent these obligations result from the obligations...

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Replace the loading system (Figure 1) by an equivalent resultant force and couple moment acting at point Oo. Assume Fı= 130 N, F2= 190 N, and Mc= 75 Nim Mc 0.3 m x 0.5 m 0.4 m Determine the resultant force. Enter the x, y and Z components of the resultant force separated by commas. Express your answers in newtons to three significant figures.

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Replace the force-couple system at point 0 by a single force. Specify the coordinate of the point on the y-axis through which the line of action of this resultant force passes. Solution. Couple and· force is shifted to point A by a single force F . f ‘ and- F constitute the given couple 8 kN.. . anticlockwise moment (f x Y A) = – 8

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Determine The Equivalent Resultant Couple Moment About Point O. Determine the equivalent resultant couple moment about point O.

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Example: Equivalent Force Systems Given: A crank handle of a machine lies in the xy plane and is subjected to a force system. 200 mm 150 mm 150 mm 75 mm 50 mm 125 mm 120 N x y O z 60 N 60 N 80 N 80 N A B Find: Replace the force system by a single resultant R acting at point O and a single couple.

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