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The Moeller Reed Switch Sending Unit is a practical accessory for many boaters. Easy to mount on a dash, the unit will let you know fluid levels to provide you with an accurate reading. The boat fuel sending unit is available for a range of tank depths to ensure a greater level of accuracy.

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Reed switches are activated by magnetic fields. The magnetic field can be produced by a magnet or a coil. For reasons of history, accuracy and practicality, reed switches are tested by placing the reed switch inside a standard test coil. Littelfuse specifies the test coil used in each reed switch data sheet.

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Reed switches are widely used due to their ability to switch both AC and DC loads. Reed switches are often used to detect whether doors are open or closed. Because they can switch either AC or DC loads, repair technicians often prefer them to stock on repair trucks so they can minimize their inventory while having switches readily available for on-site repair work in a variety of electrical circuits.

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Oct 11, 2014 · I have been testing reed switching using your S88 program with the aduino uno with your optocoupler system with the ECoS all working well i need a little help with a problem If i use 2 reed switches with a servo : 1 reed for barrier up:1 reed for barrier down along a small section of track

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I am designing 8*8 reed switch matrix which will be connected to Arduino. I am using Arduino Duemilanove. I have completed the matrix portion but don't know how to connect and where to connect the other elements. I decided to use the following items: Arduino (Duemilanove) 64x Reed Switch ; 64x Diode (1N4148) 20x Resistors (10K) 1x 74HC595 ; 1x ...

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The magnetic reed switch I have has a current rating of 0.5 A 20 V DC: 10 W max. My question: Since the lights are 12 V and NOT 20 V, would stepping down to 12 V change the ratings at all in regards to...

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