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PSPICE Lecture - Transient Analysis 14 How is a switch moved back and forth in PSPICE? This is simulated by using a pulse waveform. This is simulated by using a pulse waveform. VPulse Connect 100 V to the RC circuit Connect 0 V to the RC circuit 100 V 0 V t A 20Tau 5Tau 10Tau 15Tau + VC _ + VC _ 1 k 1 k B 0 to100V Pulse Waveform + _ Equivalent ...

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With Pspice, I was able to include opening switch "Sw_tOpen" with properties "tOpen=2.24us ttran=.1ns Rclosed=1m Ropen=1Meg" to simulate open time, transition time from closed resistance to open resistance.

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Use the “DbreakZ” device from the Breakout library for the two diodes The source is a VSIN with amplitude of 20 V and frequency of 100 Hz. Pspice Tutorial Create a new project and select “Analog or Mixed A/D”.

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Global manufacturer of semiconductors (diodes, MOSFETS, and optoelectronics) and passive electronic components (resistors, inductors and capacitors).

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I think most of your question has been answered, but in the full version of PSpice you should find the AD630 in the ANLG_DEV.OLB library. I just checked and it is there, and the associated model ...

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