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I really want to THANK you for this Custom TPU Profile for MK3S. After months of research, and expressing my concern to Prusa about issues I had heard about with filament jams using TPU with the MK3S, they assured me there would be no issues...

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Brim rework: many more options (inside, outside only, 'ears', per object) Some new seam options, to help hide them. Built-in calibration prints; Built-in object generation script; Can join perimeters into a big one to avoid travel moves. Many other little options and corrections (like the filled concentric pattern).

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Open the STL in PrusaSlicer ... In the print settings, add a brim so the ear savers don't fall over as easily during printing. Set the layer height to 0.25 mm. I used ...

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the infill function of PrusaSlicer software. It is a. ... Brim size (mm) 3 3. Max volumetric speed (mm/s) 15 12. ... ear infill patterns on PLA cubic structure, two types ... Using and customizing PrusaSlicer¶. PrusaSlicer is Prusa's highly modified fork of Slic3r, one of the early open source slicer offerings. Prusa has done extensive modification of PrusaSlicer, including a complete port from PERL to C++.

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Brim Ears in PrusaSlicer? Is there anyway to enable Brim on just ears (e.g. corners)? This used to exist in Slic3r but I cant find any settings in PrusaSlicer other than just full brim.

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Jul 05, 2018 · Though instead of brim modifiers, what I think most people are after are 'mouse ears' where a modifier simply puts down 100% coverage on the first layer but outlines all existing perimeters. A very very very useful addition would be to add breakaway tab support to both brims and this proposed feature as in #2827

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