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Jul 08, 2020 · Prometheus usually exposes histogram metrics with a special metric suffix called _buckets and a special metric label called le (short for less than or equal to).. Histogram metrics are also typically exposed alongside two additional metrics which are suffixed with _count and _total, and correspond to the count of all observations and the sum of all observations.

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Nope! As mentioned in the docs – if there is no default, and the column can become NULL, then NULL will be inserted.. CURRENT. Finally, we have CURRENT. While the vast majority of scripts manually define the database context for commands, such as ALTER DATABASE AdventureWorks, etc., you can tell SQL Server:

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The proxy uses Prometheus go packages to parse sent PromQL and add user label to Prometheus queries. The same approach is used for alerts and blackbox exporter config. Config is validated via promtool. Monitoring at Scale: Migrating to Prometheus at Fastly. Talk By Marcus Barczak from Fastly. Slides. Moving away from Ganglia + Icinga.

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The equivalent functionality in PromQL is provided by the various _over_time functions. In addition when converting we need to allow for the different the execution models of PromQL and Graphite. Graphite works on producing a whole graph at once. PromQL executes many queries independently for each vertical time slice, which you could then graph.

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PromQL is pretty straightforward for simple metrics but has a lot of complexity when needed. Simply supplying the name of a metric will show all “instances” of that metric: Figure 2 – Simple PromQL query (from Digital Ocean) Or you can use some PromQL methods and generate a graph representing the data you’re after.

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Prometheus PromQL support is fully available once the data source is connected, so minimal configuration is required to get up and running. In the example in this blog post, the ELK stack is deployed to pull the node log files into one location - so no more having to tail log files at multiple locations.

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