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Answer: The manchineel, or poison guava tree, is so poisonous that smoke from its burning wood irritates the eyes, and latex from its leaves and bark causes skin inflammation. Its attractive, single or paired yellow-to-reddish, sweet-scented, applelike fruits have poisoned Spanish conquistadores, shipwrecked sailors, and present-day tourists visiting the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico.

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A non-toxic craft glue can very well be toxic when burnt. This is the case with PVA glues, you don't want to inhale burnt PVA, it's definitely not good for you. If you want to make an actual smoking pipe go with briar or pear wood and use the tools for the job.

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Breathing a smoke from a fire burning poison ivy, oak, or sumac is the most dangerous way to come into contact with those plants. If you think you suspect you have this kind of symptoms and inhaled burning poison ivy or oak, seek medical attention immediately.

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Smoke got together with wet, foggy air and turned yellow. The smog often stayed over cities for sulphur dioxide = a poisonous gas that causes air pollution. surface =the top layer of something.

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Wood smoke synonyms, Wood smoke pronunciation, Wood smoke translation, English dictionary definition of Wood smoke. n. 1. a. A mixture of gases and small suspended particles of soot or other...

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A "copypasta" meme stoked more fears about the COVID-19 vaccine on social media. Read more.Zorestar Oak Apple Smoker Wood Chunks - BBQ Cooking Chunks for All Smokers - 15lb of Natural Wood for Smoking.

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