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Jul 17, 2018 · I Try to get a serial connection on my new Pine64 Board. It runs Armbian with a Ubuntu Mate Desktop. It runs very well with the B4J-Bridge, i also install openFX for UI Apps. Everything is working exept the Serial Port. i use Java 1.8_x With: Private ser As Serial ser.Initialize("serial")...

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I am currently trying to compile a kernel with yocto (jethro). Kernel one can fetch from here (commit 4561d2504e8ea562674070350d27c19357f0d7f0) git clone --depth 1 ...

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Mar 08, 2017 · The full set of Debian stable and Trinity repositories is included and available for software installation." If you've always dreamed of running KDE 3.5 on your PINE64 board, now you can if you ...

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Pine64: In this video, I will take a look at the pinebook pro, a $200 ARM laptop. Maggiori info su Pine64 e Pinebook Pro: Segui i miei corsi su Udemy!Aug 20, 2020 · Now you can do your installation without concerns of GRUB issues. CentOS 7 has support for the xfs file system which is suitable especially in a distributed type of environment. XFS is known for its ability to handle parallel I/O compared to ext4.

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The Allwinner A64 SoC, which is the brains of the PinePhone, runs mainline Linux, uses mainline ATF and u-boot and there are open source drivers for all main SoC components. The PinePhone uses a global LTE modem, supporting a wide range of both GSM and CDMA bands. To learn more about the modem please visit our Wiki.

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