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Skeleton, Hand, Wrist Is Composed Of The Bones Of The Carpus, The Hand Includes The Metacarpuses, The Proximal, Middle And Distal Phalanges. Sailor cleans a 20mm Phalanx anti-air gun at the USS DD-975 O'brien at a port in Incheon, 40 km west of Seoul, 19 March 2004.

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Oct 02, 2015 · The proximal phalanx is the base of each toe and articulates the metatarsal bone and middle phalanx. The middle phalanx is located under the distal phalanx in the second, third, fourth and fifth toes only. The hallux does not have a middle phalanx. The distal phalanx is found at the end of each toe, forming the tip of the toes.

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Dec 17, 2020 · Noun. falange f ( plural falanges ) ( anatomy) phalanx (one of the bones of the finger or toe) Hypernym: hueso. Meronyms: falangina, falangeta. Holonym: dedo. ( politics) phalange. ( military, historical, Ancient Greece) phalanx. Coordinate term: legión.

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Aug 14, 2010 · The crease between the distal phalanx and middle phalanx segments is called the distal interphalangeal (DIP) crease because it’s the most distal of the finger creases (out towards the tip). The next crease in line as you move away from the fingernail and towards the wrist is the proximal interphalangeal (PIP) crease, between the middle and ...

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Disease or Syndrome The Osebold-Remondini syndrome is a bone dysplasia with mesomelic shortness of limbs and, hence, shortness of stature, absence or hypoplasia of second phalanges with synostosis of the remaining phalanges, carpal and tarsal coalitions, and apparently no other anomalies (summary by Opitz and Gilbert, 1985).

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Coffin Bone Lateral view of coffin bone (terminal phalanx) Coffin Bone X ray Lateral x ray view of coffin bone. Cortical and cancellous bone On the left-side is a model illustrating cancellous bone, circled in blue; on the right is a human tibia with the cancellous portion circled in blue. Oct 29, 2020 · Phalanges of hand (Phalanges manus) The phalanges of the hand are the group of small bones that comprise the bony core of the digits (fingers) of the hand.Even though the phalanges are small in size, they are classified as long bones because of their structural characteristics; each phalanx consists of a shaft, distal head and a proximal base.

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