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opencv+cuda关于GpuMat数据转递问题. 萌新刚刚接触opencv+cuda不久,还不是很熟练,现在碰到了一个问题,不知道有没有大佬知道解决方法 实际问题中我想定义一个GpuMat类型的数组,例如cv::cuda::GpuMat cu_proj[10][128]; 然后传递给核函数的时候就显示...

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OpenCV GPU //! adds one matrix to another (c = a + b) //! supports CV_8UC1, CV_8UC4, CV_32SC1, CV_32FC1 types ... CV_EXPORTS GpuMat operator ^ (const GpuMat& src1 ...

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OpenCV GPU Module. Goals: • Provide developers with a convenient computer vision framework on GpuMat gpu_frame; gpu_frame.upload(frame); vector found; hog.detectMultiScale(gpu_frame, found

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Once you have your data up in the GPU memory you may call GPU enabled functions of OpenCV. Most of the functions keep the same name just as on the CPU, with the difference that they only accept GpuMat inputs. Another thing to keep in mind is that not for all channel numbers you can make efficient algorithms on the GPU.

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Lightweight class encapsulating pitched memory on a GPU and passed to nvcc-compiled code (CUDA kernels). Typically, it is used internally by OpenCV and by users who write device code. You can call its members from both host and device code.

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GpuMat& trainIdx, GpuMat& imgIdx, GpuMat& distance, ␍ ␊ 1281: const GpuMat& maskCollection, Stream& stream = Stream::Null()); ␍ ␊ 1282 ␍ ␊ 1283 // Download trainIdx, imgIdx and distance and convert it to vector with DMatch ␍ ␊ 1284 Sep 15, 2020 · If you have been working with OpenCV for some time, you should have noticed that in most scenarios OpenCV utilizes CPU, which doesn’t always guarantee you the desired performance. To tackle this problem, in 2010 a new module that provides GPU acceleration using CUDA was added to OpenCV.

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