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Note: In Windows, the ODBC administrator is called Data Sources (ODBC) and is found in Control Panel > Administrative Tools. In current versions of Windows on 64-bit platforms, the administrator is ODBC Data Sources (64-bit). There is also a 32-bit variant. But for DataConnect, 64-bit data sources are required.

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64-bit ODBC primer — when to use a 64-bit ODBC driver; ODBC issues on 64-bit Linux, UNIX and Windows platforms; background information on 64-bit architecture, operating systems and...

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Complies with the latest ODBC 3.8 and JDBC 4.2 data standard and adds important functionality such as Unicode and 32- and 64-bit support for high-performance and cloud computing environments. Product Highlights


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I'm trying to install the Informix ODBC drivers on Windows 7 64-bit so I can run the Wallet Card Wizard. I am getting the following error: "Prerequisite verification checks failed. InstallAnywhere has detected that you are installing the 32 bit product on a 64 bit machine. Prefix path with C:\Windows\SysWOW64 and restart the installer."

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Version 1.4.0 of the MongoDB ODBC Driver builds with OpenSSL instead of yaSSL on macOS, enabling TLS 1.2 support for the macOS ODBC driver. As of this release, TLS 1.2 is supported on all platforms.

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This directory contains the PostgreSQL ODBC driver (psqlODBC) in a variety of different formats for convenience. In each directory, you will find various versions of the driver in the format for that directory. Unless you have have a specific reason not to do so, you should always download the latest version.

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