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The Oculus Rift S was released this week. Some owners are experiencing tracking problems and other USB issues such as blackouts. The Rift S uses five onboard cameras for tracking. While some preprocessing seems to be done on the headset, the Rift S still pushes USB 3.0 to the limits.

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Disconnect Oculus Rift/S hardware and kill and running Oculus process (task manager) Delete the Oculus folder located in C:\Program Files. Or rename it to Oculus old to revert back to if needs be. Paste unzipped downloaded Oculus folder in C:\Program Files Reconnect. Should now be work with 11.41, I can confirm it works in 11.5 too.

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Oculus Rift своими руками (Настройка RiftCat).

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I've got a problem with my Oculus Rift when playing Raceroom. I give you an example. I start a race and i am getting constant 45 fps. No single drop. After some time, my fps suddenly drop to ~30 and dont get to 45 again. The framerate stays at ~30 for the whole rest of the race. So my game is stuttering a lot.

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Hope ED can fix it or at least give it a high priority for enjoying flying in VR. Thank you. because we have rifts, what should we set multi display mixed gpu acceleration setting to?

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