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Clunking when you press your brakes is an indicator of a safety item. It might be a simple brake pad replacement or a complete suspension and steering system overhaul. If you hear grinding brake noise, scraping brake noise, or clunking you should get your brakes inspected right away. 3. Flapping Noise while Driving

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This is really annoying the sh!t outta me. When the truck (2011 GMC Denali 3500HD DRW) gets wet a thumpin noise starts in the back of the cab, once the truck dries up the noise goes away. Everything looks fine, i stuck my head out the window to see if i could hear it on the outside and I can't...

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No grinding noise, just extremely hard to put into gear.– Periodically when shifting from 1st to 2nd, the stick shift will pop out of second.– When in a stopped position, as I attempt to shift, I can hear this “deep clunk” sound when moving the gear shift between 1st and 2nd, as if the gears are not aligned properly.

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Jan 18, 2009 · The MAF sensor is an expensive part so you'll want to check the voltages on the sensor leads and ground wire to be sure it's defective. During warm-up conditions, the voltage between the White wire and battery ground should be 1.2 to 1.8V at idle (1.6-2.2V at 2500 rpm). Worn Low Gear bearing bores can cause shift issues and clunking noises. Idler Gears rarely need replacement unless the transfer case is run short of oil. Input Shafts: New Process NP205 Transfer Cases were built in many different configurations for all the major light truck manufacturers except Jeep.

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98 gmc 2500 suburban 12 valve cummins nv4500 4x4; 1970 gmc suburban chevy 1967-72(US $5,500.00) 1998 gmc suburban 2500 sierra sle 4x4, cold a/c, 3rd seat, [email protected]@k!(US $3,950.00) 2001 chevrolet suburban ls vortec leather moon roof(US $5,995.00) Green(US $1,500.00) Auto Services in New York

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These steel 6 degree tapered shims are 2 1/4 wide and machined specially for WILD HORSES to fit the unique Bronco size springs. These are not cast, and will hold up under extreme conditions. They include both 3/8 and 7/16 center bolts. WILD HORSES rear springs use the larger 7/16 bolts. Most stock and aftermarket rear springs will use 3/8 center bolts. Tapered shims are used to help correct ...

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