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java is Object which has no-arg constructor. class Parent{} class Child extends Parent implements Serializable{} Parent class does not implement serialization. Throws, ‘NotSerializableException’.Child Class:Successful. Serialized Child class can only be deserialized if its Super Class has an acessible(as discussed) no-arg constructor ...

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Constructor in java is used to create the instance of the class. Constructors are almost similar to methods except for two things - its name is the same as the class name and it has no So if the super class constructor is not explicitly called then default or no-args constructor is called by java runtime.

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// reusing/ // TIJ4 Chapter Reusing, Exercise 8, page 246 /* Create a base class with only a non-default constructor, and a derived class * with both a default (no-arg) and non-default constructor. In the derived-class * constructors, call the base-class constructor.

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Slides are modified from original slides of Y. Daniel Liang CEN 419 Introduction to Java Programming Instructor: Dr. H. Esin ÜNAL FALL 2019

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Sep 16, 2009 · No-arg constructors in java? I need to have a no arg constructor that creates a default rectangle for this class. The default rectangle is supposed to have a height and width of 1, and a color of white:

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Class Y is under my control, and it extends class X, which I can't modify. I can understand why Weld requires class Y to have a no-arg constructor, and I've provided one accordingly. But why does class X, which class Y extends, need a no-arg constructor? I've looked around, but nobody seems to have a solution to this problem.

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