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Diagram of a nitrogen atom. Inside a red giant star, the star smashes lighter atoms together. Smashing atoms gets the star energy to burn, and also leaves extra heavier atoms. Nitrogen is one of these heavier atoms, left over when a star smashes together carbon atoms. Nitrogen is not very heavy, though, and a lot of stars make a lot of nitrogen.

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Hydrogen bonds always form between a hydrogen atom of one molecule and an oxygen or nitrogen atom of another molecule, if the oxygen or nitrogen is forming a polar covalent bond. The adherence ("stickiness") of water molecules to each other is an excellent example of hydrogen bonding.

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carbon atom is made of only three particles: protons, neutrons, and electrons. There are several ways to represent a carbon atom. Each model has strengths and weaknesses. This is called the electron cloud model. It shows how the carbon atom looks under an electron microscope. It is the closest to being an actual “photograph” of the atom.

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MolView is an intuitive, Open-Source web-application to make science and education more awesome!The nitrogen atom is sp 3 hybridized with one hybrid orbital occupied by the lone pair. The molecular structure of water is consistent with a tetrahedral arrangement of two lone pairs and two bonding pairs of electrons. Thus we say that the oxygen atom is sp 3 hybridized, with two of the hybrid orbitals occupied by lone pairs and two by bonding ...

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Other examples are N7 (7th nitrogen in a residue), O2P (second oxygen on a phosphorus), OE2 (second oxygen on an epsilon carbon), HD1 (1st hydrogen on a delta carbon). To find out an atom's PDB name, click on it. Its name is reported as the first word following "Atom:". You can select, for example:

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Atom labeled diagram. Browse. Books. Artists WPClipart > science > atoms_molecules > atom "Atom labeled diagram" 600 x 429. Download png. 26 kb. transparent png. 36 ...

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