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When the next web service call is placed via the client the connection is retrieved from the connection pool, the httpclient.HttpConnection.isStale() check is performed, the connection is not correctly detected as being stale and then the ssl.SSLSocketImpl.setSoTimeout() method is called to reset the socket timeout, java net then detects that ...

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CentOS 7.2 Nginx 1.13.0 PHP 7.1.4 . Meus registros de erro têm muitas das linhas abaixo . 2017/05/16 06:32:05 [info] 18838#18838: *10061 client closed connection while SSL handshaking, client:, serview: Qual é exatamente o significado desse log? obrigado

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TLS version 1.0 and SSL 3.0 are very similar; thus, supporting both is easy. TLS clients who wish to negotiate with SSL 3.0 servers should send client hello messages using the SSL 3.0 record format and client hello structure, sending {3, 1} for the version field to note that they support TLS 1.0.

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By default, no attribute or values will be specified, for example the only one my system has listed is SSL 2.0. To Disable SSL 3.0 you would add the Entry for SSL 3.0 under Protocol, then adding the Client and Server container under any Protocols you wish to modify. Below will show what SSL 3.0 would look like:

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Oct 29, 2018 · I tested recompiling Nginx with every version from 14.0 to 15.15.5 with no different luck. I’m now going to setup a brand new VPS with stock Nginx to see if the issue gets solved or if it’s the same with Nginx from the official repositories.

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Jul 19, 2002 · Figure 4 Establishing the SSL session between the client and the server (red coloured - messages that are non-mandatory). At first glance this process seems to be somewhat complicated, however this takes place at each connection with the server of an SSL-enabled service, for example while requesting the address of a site beginning with HTTPS://. Protocol Version: The version of the SSL protocol by which the client wishes to communicate during this session. Session ID: The ID of a session the client wishes to use for this connection. In the first Client Hello of the exchange, the session ID is empty (refer to the packet capture screen shot after the note).

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