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I wonder if anyone else reading this can speak to my concern with the bones being leftover in the compost? Do bones simply take a longer time to break down? I've seen video of Geoff Lawton where he describes putting fish, roadkill, old jeans, leather boots, or slow moving interns into hot piles and it all breaks down. What about the bones?

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Penicillium causes food spoilage, colonizes leather objects and is an indicator organism for dampness indoors. Some species are known to produce toxic compounds (mycotoxins). The spores can trigger allergic reactions in individuals sensitive to mould.

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Jake Beltran. Professor Cogdell Design 40A. 9 December 2014. Raw Material Acquisition: Vinyl records. Vinyl records have had an ever-increasing following among audiophiles (“A person who is especially interested in high fidelity sound reproduction”), Collectors and hipsters alike (Dictionary.com).

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Jul 08, 2013 · When the hyphae branch, cross each other, form communications, and become sufficiently dense, they are called a mycelium. This is when you can see them. Even with mushroom fungi, it is the mycelium that lies just under the surface of the dirt that gathers the nutrients and connects the mushrooms together. Sometimes the mycelium is in your bathroom. Mycelium biomaterials for sustainable construction. wave. ... Upcycled leather handmade bag. ... DIY Tree House.

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Amanda Holden's gorgeous leather dress fits her like a glove. ... Morgan Ruben's pair of lamps are grown from mycelium or light up like glow-worms. ... DIY sales. Microsoft may earn an Affiliate ...

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Jul 22, 2020 · Using the underground root structure of mushrooms, Bolt Threads have developed mycelium cells to create a supple, biodegradable + (animal) suffering free, alternative to leather. Lab grown leather – the team at Modern Meadow have been working on bringing biotechnology to the material space.

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