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Harry James was the most technically proficient and versatile trumpet virtuoso of all time. He was the greatest lead player, big band soloist and Jazz improvisor of all big band trumpeters, and his style evolved from early Louis Armstrong inspired solos to BeBop in the '40's and after.

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The foxtrot is typically danced to big band swing-style music written in 4/4 time (four beats to a measure).The stardard tempo for International Style Foxtrot is 112-120 beats/minute (28-30 bars or measures per minute). The standard tempo for the American Style Foxtrot is 120-136 BPM or 30-34 bars/minute.

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Yiddish was at one time the international language of Ashkenazic Jews (the Jews of Central and Eastern Europe and their descendants). A hybrid of Hebrew and medieval German, Yiddish takes about three-quarters of its vocabulary from German, but borrows words liberally from Hebrew and many other languages from the many lands where Ashkenazic Jews have lived.

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The MCLC Resource Center is the online face of the print journal Modern Chinese Literature and Culture.It publishes online articles (see “WEB PUBLICATIONS”) and book reviews (see “BOOK REVIEWS”) and sponsors the MCLC LIST (see “LIST/BLOG”).

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Tara Publications was founded in Cedarhurst, LI in 1971 by Velvel Pasternak, a noted musicologist, The goal of the company was the publication, preservation and

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Don focuses on the big band singers and often plays modern big band artists. Show length: 2 hours. Seems Like Old Times With Craig Orndorff: As the name implies, Craig's show primarily includes the music from the "Your Hit Parade" era. You'll hear some really old songs from time to time along with the newer compositions of today. Seems Like Old ...

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