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This Mercury 895390 PIN-TILT fits the following models and components:. Mercury Mercury & Mariner Outboard Parts by HP & Liter 250HP 1B517434 THRU 2B144122 - USA - Cat.# 90-896280008 - VERADO Power Trim/Steering Cylinder

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That is the trim pin, which also is what the reverse tilt lock engages. If it's not installed, your motor will kick up out of the water in reverse. If your trim pin is missing for some reason, a 5/16"x6" stainless steel bolt and nylock nut will work as a jury rig -- just don't crank down on the nut, only engage the nylock leaving the bolt free ...

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Mercury III Firmware Complete version 1.06-01. Extract to C Drive, and it will make a folder called Mercury III Firmware 3_05_03 for New (Red Color) Main Boards only. If your MB is Green use the...

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Related:vintage mercury tilt switch 12v mercury tilt switch. 20PCS 5mm 20V 0.3A Micro Glass Mercury Tilt Switch Unidirectional Angle Sensor.

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Re: Broken plastic clip on tilt pin. Just an update. I drilled a small hole in the plastic surrounding the metal pin, and made a leash for it using some extra DR cable, a couple of crimp sleeves, and a large duo clip. I used one of the positioning holes for an anchor point. I can still move the pin top to bottom.

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Mercury Mercruiser Marine - PIN ASY-TILT (#17-8M0026068) PRICE: $42.82. Part #: 17-8M0026068. For shipping estimate: Add to cart then visit your shopping cart to see ...

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