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Understand the dilation of a figure on the coord'nate plane as a scaling up or scaling down Of the coordinates of the figure. Describe how a dilation of a figure on a coordinate plane affects the coordinates of a figure. Distinguish between a dilation centered at the origin and a dilation not centered at the origin. 25.5 . z 2:5- -a: 30 1:4- x ...

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Line segment -1K in the Xy-coordjnate plane has endpoints with coordinates (-4, 11) and (8, —I). What are two possible locations for point M so that M divides -7K into two parts with lengths in a ratio of 1:3? Indicate both locations. 7. In the xy-coordinate plane, AABC has vertices at A(l, -2), B(l, 0.5), and

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Dilation has a multiplicative effect on the coordinates of a point in the plane. Given a point ( , ) in the plane, a dilation from the origin with scale factor 𝑟 (moves the point ( , ) to 𝑟× ,𝑟× ).

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Lesson 25 Lesson 25 Distance in the Coordinate Plane Finding the Distance Between Two Points Solve the problems. 1 Segment AB begins at A(2, 1) and ends at point B(6, 4). The segment is dilated by a factor of 2 with the center of dilation at the origin to form segment A9B9. Segment A9B9 is then translated Dilations can be made on the coordinate grid like the other transformations, but they can also be made without the coordinate grid. Two things are needed in order to create any type of dilation: a center point and a scale factor. The center point is a fixed point from which the dilation is going to be made.

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screen is a dilation. The universally accepted film size for movies has a width of 35 mm. If a movie screen is 12 m wide, what is the dilation factor? A 420 342.9 B 0.3 D 2916.7 C C( 2, 3) D( 2, 1) B(2, 3) E(2, 1) A(0, 5) F(0, 1) x y F B Write the correct answer. Use the coordinate plane for Exercises 5-6. Round to the nearest tenth. Choose ...

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Choose the best answer. 4. Two floats begin a parade at different times, but travel at the same speeds. Which is a true statement about the lines that represent the distance traveled by each float at a given time? A The lines intersect. B The lines are parallel. C The lines are the same. D The lines have a negative slope. 6.

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