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So, each ZIP entry has 8 entries in the demographic table that need to be joined to it. I'm trying to use the Make Query Table tool to accomplish this, however when I run that tool, I end up with a table that has millions of entries. It should be around 14,000 (I'm working just with the ZIPs in California).

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I have a Many to Many relationship between a Member table and an Event table (One member can go to many events and one event can hold many members). I use the recommended join table to properly create the relationship using the PKs from the Member and Event table. What I'd like to do is check for duplicates upon assigning a member to an event.

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Let's say I have a 'Employee' - it has a many to one mapping to a Company. The Company in turn has a many to one to let's say a 'address' Basically, if I set all these many -to-one's to 'fetch=join' Will it propagate down when I get an employee ? Meaning, when I ask for an employee it will join to company and company join to address in one call ...

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Jul 23, 2011 · We can also use SQL like queries called as the JPQL to perform the CRUD operations. There are two types of queries in JPA. Normal queries and TypedQueries. Normal Queries are non-type safe queries. (i.e) The query does not know the type of Object its gonna retrieve or work with. But a TypedQuery is a type-safe query.

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Feb 21, 2013 · While the table name is selected type CTRL + 3 and you will notice that the query will run and will return a single row as a resultset. Now developer just has to select the table name and click on CTRL + 3 or your preferred shortcut key and you will be able to see a single row from your table.

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Modeling a many-to-many relationship with POJOs is easy. We should include a Collection in both classes, which contains the elements of the others.. After that, we need to mark the class with @Entity, and the primary key with @Id to make them proper JPA entities.. Also, we should configure the relationship type.

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