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The brand name, J. C. Higgins, was based on a real person, John Higgins who was a Sears employee. He moved from his birth country of Ireland to the United States in his late teens and began working for Sears in 1898. He spent his entire working career with Sears and was Vice President for the company for a period of time.

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Iver Johnson 3rd Model Hammerless Iver Johnson Safety Auto Hammer .38 Iver Johnson Arms NM Hammerless .38cal Iver Johnson 55 Target Iver Johnson 55A Target Iver Johnson 1900 JC Higgins 20 12g BOP JC Higgins 31 583.3100 JC Higins 36 JC Higgins 41-DLA Sears 103-274 Marlin 122 JC Higgins 60 12g High Standard Supermatic Deluxe C1200

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Auto components. Surface quality I, II — first and second surface finish group. *Mechanical properties are transversal to rolling direction. 3 months guarantee period for BH value. * Surface finish Normal — m. Semi-bright — g. Thickness. 0.50-0.65 0.66-1.20 1.21-1.80 1.81-2.00 2.01-2.80.

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#Exclusive for You #1 Deal Shop for cheap price Jc Higgins Model 66 12 Gauge Shotgun And Marlin 12 Gauge Shotguns For Sale . The Stevens Model 520 was a pump-action shotgun developed by John Browning and originally manufactured by the J Stevens Arms & Tool Company between 1909 and 1916. Stevens was sold to New England Westinghouse on 28 May 1915 and production of civilian firearms was greatly reduced.

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