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The Sultanate of Mataram / m ə ˈ t ɑːr əm / was the last major independent Javanese kingdom on Java before the island was colonised by the Dutch. It was the dominant political force radiating from the interior of Central Java from the late 16th century until the beginning of the 18th century.

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Java Man Archery has long been respected as a premiere, quality bowyer. Now they've put that amazing skill to work on these powerful and elegant DX5 reflex/deflex longbow limbs. The belly is constructed of Stabil-Kore™ under clear fiberglass, while the back is a double layer of carbon laminations giving you increased speed and stability.

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In Central Java and the adjacent territories in East Java remains known as "Java Man" were discovered in the 1890s by the Dutch anatomist and geologist Eugène Dubois. It belongs to the species Homo erectus, and are believed to be about 1.7 million years old. The Sangiran site is an important prehistoric site on Java.

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First Man in the Philippines. According to recent archaeological findings, man is ancient in the Philippines. He first came about 2500,000 B.C. during the Ice Age or Middle Pleistocene Period, by way of the land bridges which linked the archipelago with Asia. He was a cousin of the "Java Man," "Peking Man," and other earliest men in Asia.

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Jun 23, 2020 · Even in ancient times, Indians had a more complex understanding of the human-animal relationship. It is likely that these images depicting humans are from slightly later during the Mesolithic Age, after 10,000 BC. Some of them show people with spears, bows and arrow, pregnant women, mothers and children, drinking, musical instruments, and dancing. Originally Posted by sharp_thingsI'm certain my single bevel would work with a crossbow but no, I don't sell my broadheads. I make them for personal use. You would do well with a cutthroat single bevel broadhead. I recently use them on my Water Buffalo and hogzilla and they performed great...

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