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The speed governor in your Honda Civic is not a physical component that can be removed. Instead, it is buried inside the programming in the vehicle's ECM, or electronic control module. The ECM is a computer inside the engine compartment that controls the operation and performance specifications of...

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Update 1.2: Speed limiter removed from stock versions of the cars Acceleration improvement for many of the cars (especially most of the AWD cars like Lancer Evo IX). Update 1.1 : Added challenge series cars. Installation: 1- Open NFS-VltEd 2- Click to "Files>Import>ModScript" 3- Select the"...

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Speed Limiter Removal Module Overview As the name says this module allows tuners to remove speed limit that manufacturers introduce in many cars, we have also been developing a unique solution for MEDC17 that will work via Switch.This speed limitation will be handled by simple switch that Swiftec will recognize automatically and disable it. If you find yourself with a roommate hogging limited data bandwidth with video games or discover a neighbor has invited themselves into your Wi-Fi network, you can easily take back control of your internet access.

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Oct 30, 2013 · Back @ 1986-88, my sister and I raced our 110's, just to see what the top speed really was. The 1984 110 would top out at 48-50 mph, but my 1981 was just a hair faster. The '81 was obviously louder, and we always attributed the slight extra speed to the rusting out, or otherwise less-restricted muffler.

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