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This year, we’re also offering grassroots community groups and sporting organisations the opportunity to access a free online compact course on how to ‘Win More Grants’. Applications close on midnight Friday 27 March.

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Bassey’s decision to open the Urban Ethnic Market came from a place of need to buy African food for herself and her family in a country that did not really accommodate her needs.

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In addition to pure open source projects, the lines are blurring, as we see traditionally proprietary players like Microsoft hosting Linux virtualization offerings in its Azure cloud, with an even more recent push to work upstream in the Docker open source project to bring container technology to Windows Server and the Azure cloud as well.

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A first highlight: The VERNISSAGE of the Actors of Urban Change exhibition (June 11, 7 p.m.). <br /><br />Only shortly displayed during the Closing Ceremony a month ago, the exhibition will now be open to the wider public in the Collaboratorium until June 28.

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Site Needs: Ornamental grass thrives in an area that gets at least 5-6 hours of sunlight daily. Container Size: You need a container that is deep enough for the plant to have room to spread and to support the root system. Make sure the bottom of the container has adequate drainage.

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The largest areas of increased spending were the development of a grassroots digital literacy programs around the world and the creation of community-based research labs and fellowships focused on bringing Mozilla’s values and methods to education, journalism and science. Visit Garden Supply Company in Cary, NC for all of your plant, flower, tree, landscape, garden and home decor needs! With over 20 years of business, we've got all you need to grow!

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