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I am in the market for a new tonneau cover. The cover was less than $1,000 and I have no complaints so far. I have to wait and see how things hold up over time still though. How is the Bak the only cover that gives full access? I thought the undercover flex gave equal access as the Bak.

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Tonneau covers are designed to be watertight. The rain that hits the covers from above or on vertical angles rarely causes leakage, unless your tonneau cover is damaged. In this case, we have a guide for fixing a leaking tonneau cover. Another cause of tonneau leakages is pressurized water that penetrates between the edges of the covers while ...

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MGA TOP & TONNEAU & SIDE CURTAIN TECH See also MGA Hardtop Tech. TT-100 - THREE TYPES of TONNEAU COVER commonly found on the MGA TT-100A - TYPE and LOCATION of LTD STUDS TT-100B - Tonneau Cover STUD LOCATIONS TT-101 - Installing LIFT-THE-DOT fasteners TT-102 - Installing the TONNEAU COVER TT-103 - Installation of a new CONVERTIBLE TOP, July 1998

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These replacement hydraulic struts fit Undercover hard truck tonneau covers. They are a factory replacement. Fits everything except tonneau cover part number UC2050. ATC Truck Caps, Toppers, Canopies and Tonneau Covers add function, are beautifully designed, feature OE paint colors to match your vehicle and are available for most pickup trucks.

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Insert the Pins and Reassemble the Lock. Dump out the old pins, insert the new key, and use tweezers or small needle-nose pliers to match the new colored pins to the color code on the special instruction sheet. Once the new pins are in, reverse the steps to reassemble the lock.

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That wasn't done. It might be the same issue with your rack. I'm still trying to get the dealer to fix it so I can't tell you if this will cure it or not. Just a thought. One more piece of advice. The Tonneau Cover (which I have) will cut down on the drag, and looks good too.

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