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After beating Gyoubu a "Shinobi Execution" will be announced and you'll receive a memory from the battle, which can be used to permanently increase your Attack Power by one. The option to "Enhance Attack Power" by consuming Battle Memories will now be available at Sculptor's Idols.

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Their 87-0 streak came to an end and the other teams realized they could beat NiP. Astralis's streak in 2018 is far more impressive and tough to beat than NiP's. It's equivalent to 140-0 in the NiP's timeline, the game and it's participants constantly evolve and the CS:GO in 2013 was like Contra...

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Level 3: You must have nothing that is new to BTD6. Remember, you still have to beat round 15 even if you already have nothing from BTD6. Any BTD1-5 tower will do. Level 4: You must get a Monkey Ace. At least 5 of its darts must hit a bloon in one shot. Level 5, 10, 15, 20: All bloons are +1 rank.

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A full length how to video on how to beat Cubism on Chimps mode.

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For Oculus Quest read How to Play Beat Saber Custom Songs on Oculus Quest. Note: SyncSaber BeatSync checks your bookmarks when you launch Beat Saber, so you may (probably) have to close and restart Beat Saber before the automatic downloads begin.

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I was having issue with beating apopalypse as well. I was able to beat it with Obyn and a bunch of druids. Obyn has a pretty nifty pierce/ricochet attack, and at level 2, he adds +1 pierce to druids. I just added a ninja 4xx and a monkey town x2x so they could all take out camos.

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