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HCl(aq) + NaOH(aq) ---> NaCl(aq) + H 2 O : In one experiment, a student placed 50.0 mL of 1.00 M HCl in a coffee-cup calorimeter and carefully measured its temperature to be 25.5 o C. To this was added 50.0 mL of 1.00 M NaOH solution whose temperature was also 25.5 o C.

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Such is the case in Figure 2.1, where the molar concentration of H+ is plotted (y-axis on left side of figure) as a function of the volume of NaOH added to a solution of HCl. The initial [H+] is 0.10 M, and its concentration after adding 75 mL of NaOH is 5.0 × 10–13 M. We can easily follow changes in the [H+] over the first 14 additions of NaOH.

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by diluting 25.0 mL of 6.00 M HCl to a total volume of 50.0 mL? Given: Vc = 25.0 mL Mc = 6.00 M Vd = 50.0 mL Find: Md Mc x Vc = Md x Vd Solution Preparation Chapter 5 Mc • Vc = Md • Vd 6.00 M x 25.0 mL = Md x 50.0 mL Md = 6.00 M x 25.0 mL = 3.00 M 50.0 mL Note: Vc and Vd do not have to be in liters, but they must be in the same units ...

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For greater accuracy, dry four hours at 120*'C. Buffers : pH ml. l.OOOM HCl 1.0 19.40 1.2 12.90 1.4 8.30 1.6 5.26 To make 200 ml. of 0.05 M (1/20 M) buffer, pipette 10 ml. of the 1.000 M stock solution into a 200 ml. volumetric flask, add the volume standard (l.OOOM or 0. lOOOM as specified) HCl listed below, and dilute to the mark with ...

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____9. What is the molarity of an HNO3 solution if 50.0 milliliters of 0.50 M LiOH is required to exactly neutralize 100. milliliters of the HNO3 solution? (A) 1.5 M (C) 0.50 M (B) 2.0 M (D) 0.25 M ____10. The following data were collected at the endpoint of a titration performed to find the molarity of an HCl solution. Volume of acid (HCl ... A stock solution of 12.0-M NaOH is used to make 950.0-mL of 3.25-M solution. After determining the volume of stock solution needed, how much water (in mL) is added to it? Chapter 16

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