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Dec 24, 2020 · If you look at the parts diagram for your air rifle on Hatsan's site. You will see these diffuser components at the muzzle end of your shroud. Yes, that's a lot of open airspace around the pellet (which is airflow that is not being effectively stripped and going straight out the muzzle.).

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Hatsan 125 tuning. The subject of the auction is a complete ABSOLUTE TUNING for the HATSAN 125, 135 air rifle. This is the most powerful tuning kit that you can physically fit into this model!

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The Hatsan Gladius / BullBoss rifle is not equipped with open sights, so a rail-mounted optic is recommended for use. Before using your new air rifle check that it is fully charged and abide the following basic safety rules: Basic Safety Rules: 1. Treat every rifle as if it is loaded. 2.

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Hatsan BullBoss QE. Precharged pneumatic power with side-lever cocking action. Bullpup design. Item Description H-BULLBOSS177 [PY-4112-7847] Hatsan BullBoss QE Included:Includes quick-fill...

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PCP airguns do not need to be a mystery. In fact, they are very easy to shoot and fill, so long you understand the basics. They provide airgunners the most...

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HATSAN BT65 PCP air rifle is designed specifically for use with dry compressed air. NO OTHER GAS OR GAS COMBINATION MUST BE USED. The rifle may be filled from a diver’s bottle, a suitable compressor or by using a hand pump specifi-cally made to fill pre-charged air guns. The Hatsan BullBoss bullpup PCP includes the Quiet Energy suppressed barrel which has been Hatsan BullBoss PCP Air Rifle Features: Precharged pneumatic power with side-lever cocking action.

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