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Solution Students from ages 6 – 12 usually have a span in the range of 15 to 20 cm, with an average of about 17 cm. The teacher or students should record class data by placing an X above the appropriate number on the horizontal scale for each hand span that is measured. Or, provide a square post-it note to each student.

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Upper/Lower Segment Ratio 0.85 in whites, 0.78 in blacks AND Increased Arm Span/Height > 1.05 contributes 1 point to the systemic score. Upper/Lower Segment Ratio : 0.00 Arm Span/Height Ratio : 0.00

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Aug 07, 2019 · Average hand length: Average hand breadth: Male: 6-year-olds: 4.6–5.7 inches 11-year-olds: 5.5–6.8 inches: 6-year-olds: 2.1–2.6 inches 11-year-olds: 2.0–3.1 inches: Female: 6-year-olds: 4 ...

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1. Record your height in inches. For example 5'0" is 60 inches. 2. Use a ruler to measure your hand span in centimeters: the distance from the tip of your thumb to pinky finger with your hand splayed as wide as How would the correlation change if both hand span and height were measured in inches?

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