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Two Kinds of Federal Courts The Constitution creates the Supreme Court and leaves to Congress the creation of the inferior courts—the lower federal courts, those beneath the Supreme Court. Over the years, Congress has created two distinct types of federal courts: (1) the constitutional courts and (2) the special courts.

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Guided Reading NAME _____ CLASS _____ DATE _____ The Judicial Branch netw rks Lesson 2 The Federal Court System ESSENTIAL QUESTION • How can governments ensure citizens are treated fairly? The Lower Courts 1. Identifying Read the text about the lower courts. Use

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The Judicial Branch Section 1: Equal Justice Under the Law Section 2: The Federal Court System Section 3: The Supreme Court The Main Idea The rights of all U.S. citizens are protected by laws and the courts.

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10/28-11/19/2015: Rash.For the next few weeks we will be reading the book Rash. This project will consist of three parts. 1. Participation. Students will receive 5 points a day for paying attention to the reading and staying on task. No category Section 3

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Guided Review Special Courts Answers Section 4 Guided Reading and Review The Special Courts NAME CLASS DATE 18 CHAPTER Court Number of Term of Types of Cases Judges Judges 1. United States Court of Federal Claims a. b. c. 2. Territorial Courts a. b. c. 3. Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces a. b. c. 4. CHAPTER 18 The Special Courts - muncysd.org

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This presentation, for section 8.1 & 8.2, describes the role of the court system as well how the Federal Court System is organized. The Supreme Court This presentation goes along with secgtion 8.3 and 8.4 Guided Readings for the textbook. Jul 12, 2020 · Section 3 guided reading and review the supreme court name class date 18 chapter column ii a. This decision claimed for the supreme court the right to declare acts of congress unconstitutional what cases can the supreme court hear 1 to those to which a state is a party and 2 those affecting ambassadors other public ministers and consuls the ...

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