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The cast iron brake rotors currently used in most vehicles are quite heavy. ... with some of the materials used in the brake rotor coating. ... Ben Coxworth has been writing for New Atlas since ...

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This standard specifies material and product requirements for all unventilated and ventilated brake disks for automotive industries. The gray iron rotors are specified by chemistry, mechanical properties, microstructures and quality requirements.

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2008 Freightliner FS65 Disc Brake Rotor - Front Centric - GCX Application-Specific Brake Rotors - Partial Coating . Part # P311-1D6BE71 Manu # 320.83013 Condition: New

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Rotors are made from high-quality grey iron to exacting standards and undergo extensive testing and rigorous quality control. Slotted rotors can significantly improve the performance and longevity of your vehicle’s braking system when used with a matching high friction brake pad set.

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I had already hit them with Optimum Power Cleaner, a paint safe all purpose cleaner / de-greaser, at full strength a couple times. Then some engine de-greaser. They took it like a champ, still had some brake dust on them that wasn't coming off, even with brush agitation. I then hit them with brake parts cleaner, and, well, you see the results. Lol.

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Of course, if your finger touches the rotor, that will leave both oils and acids on the rotor The question is how much oil can you use w/o effing up the pads - I'd use brake cleaner. Thx for posting re the ablative coating - I never knew that; nice to think there can be a little Space Shuttle on your new rotors.Disc Brakes Australia is an Australian owned manufacturer, designer and global marketer of after-market and OE disc brake rotors, drums, rings, hats, nuts and brake pads.

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