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The blinking blue behavior is some general "I'm not charging right" signal. The problem may be coils misaligned as the previous poster said, but it can evidently be other things too. In my case it was a cheap USB cable that was the problem .

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Inspect Your iPhone Cable (Lightning Cable). Damaged Lightning cables are a common reason... Press and hold the setup button on the back of your Charging Case. Release the setup button when status light flashes amber a few times, then flashes white.

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Wireless charging pads. Another solution to the problem of listening while charging is to use a wireless charging pad, although that only works with the iPhone 8 or newer models.

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Video: Will Apple's new iPhones explode if they wirelessly charge while plugged in? It hadn't occurred to me until I was asked the other day what would happen if you put an iPhone X/iPhone 8 that's charging using a cable down on a wireless charging pad.

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Закрыть. Flashing iPhone Charge Cables. coolsmartphone. Загрузка... Visible Flowing Charging Cable Light up for Apple iPhone/iPad/iPod - Продолжительность: 1:13 streetgadgets 75 914 просмотров.

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Magnetic Cable Flowing Light LED Micro USB Cable For Samsung Type-c Charging For iPhone Magnet Charger Type C Cable UniversalOfficial Store Check here: ht...

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