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A Hearer’s Soothing Song Featuring: C’ahli Tia of Mateus (courtesy of @cahli-tia ) More reward art from my 100 Follower Raffle!I honestly love having Cahli as part of my dash; his stories and reblogs are always entertaining, plus he sends me plenty of asks and memes and things to keep me busy!

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Clothing/Outfit Meme- Mael. Considering he barely have a home, he’s pretty simple guy, dressing with what he can instead of what he wants. He prefer to be comfy before being pretty, but he prefer being clothed before being comfy. Whatever he can get, he will use it until it fall in pieces.

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There’s a fun meme going around on Twitter for character voices. I just like to do it because it’s great for references. c: I often have a hard time picking a VC for my OCs because they’re so hyper specific to me, but this is the closest I can get for Krank.

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