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Hi! I am Eugene, and I'm a DIY enthusiast. Over the past few years, I have built two garden sheds, round deck, finished basement and completed many other projects. I like to make cool stuff

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Looking to fit a ground anchor to a 5″ concrete shed base. I have the ground anchor and some M10 bolts. I’m assuming I drill the hole, hoover / clean out dust, inject resin, push in bolt?

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Ground anchors also known as floor fixings are used to anchor sheds and play-sets as well as keeping garden furniture steady. Choose strong screws in ground anchors for your outdoor furniture and they should last through all weather conditions to keep the object steady. Powerful 2-Piece 18" Earth Auger Shed Anchor Kit - 1000 LBS Pressure Tested Hold Per Stake-10 Sec Install w/Cordless Drill. Heavy Duty, Reusable, Rust Proof Anchor Set, Galvanized Last 20 Years. Simply attach your PORTABLE DRILL, push the button and watch as revolutionary CORKSCREW DESIGN auger anchor sinks deep into the earth.

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Twistfix ground anchors are mini-helical-piles and soil nails that are hammered into the earth to support, stabilise or restrain a variety of permanent or temporary structures. Our hammer-in ground anchor systems are precision manufactured with longitudinal helical blades that force the anchor to cork-screw into the earth as it is hammered.

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The anchor bolt is fixed in a yoke atop the steel stake, the anchor bolt has a slot in it, and both ends of the steel strap go thru the slot, the anchor bolt is then turned with a wrench till the steel strap is tight, then the anchor bolt nut is tightened to secure the adjustment. There are (4) of these total on the mobile home.

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