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1 If necessary, customize the ribbon as described in the module to include the Power Pivot tab. Save the file on your storage location with the file name SC_EX_10_ResidencePivotTable. 2 Using File Explorer, copy the Data Files named [login to view URL] and [login to view URL], and paste them to your storage location.

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Nov 30, 2018 · In either case, this is easily controlled via the Drupal 7 admin dashboard. The intructions that follow guide you on how to adjust the file types allowed for your image uploads. Modifying the allowed image file types in Drupal 7: Log into the Drupal 7 admin dashboard. Using the top menu bar, locate and click on the Structure option.

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The Webform Private Upload module, which I'm going to refer to as WPU from now on for ease of typing, allows you to set up file upload fields in webforms to be private - that only people who have been given the permission 'view private webform file uploads' can see, without having to set the entire filesystem as private.. The way this works is that after the module is installed you can go into ...

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Upload new images; Delete unwanted images; Select an image to insert into the document; 4. Click Upload at the top left of the Browse Server window. 5. Click Browse. Navigate to your image file’s location on your computer, and open it. You can opt to create up to three thumbnails of different sizes in this same step. 6.

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Drupal 8 CSS files architecture based on SMACSS and BEM principles. If you create a theme from scratch you should follow D8 CSS best practies. Futhermore, there are some changes like usage CSS 3 pseudo selectors, media queries and lessening IDs in Drupal 8 core.

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The Webform module in Drupal 8 makes it easy to create complex forms in no time. The basics are easy to learn but when you start digging below the surface, the huge power of the Webform module starts to reveal itself. While the Contact module in Drupal 8 core does allow you to create simple personal and site-wide contact forms, functionality is limited. This is where Webform module steps in ...

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